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The Christian Recorder is the official organ of the African Methodist Episcopal Church.  It is published in Hard Copy Edition and Online.  The Hard Copy Edition is available by subscription.  The Online Edition is free to the public.

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The Christian Recorder - The African Methodist Episcopal Church

The Christian Recorder of the African Methodist Episcopal Church (USPS 016880) is published bi-weekly by the AMEC Sunday School Union, 500 Eighth Avenue South, Nashville, Tennessee 37203-4181.  Periodical postage paid at Nashville, Tennessee.

The AMEC Christian Recorder was established in 1852.

Executive and Editorial Office:  500 Eighth Avenue South Nashville, Tennessee  37203-4181.  Advertising rates are available on request. Subscription rate: $36.00 per annum.  Please make all checks and money orders payable to: The Christian Recorder


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The AMEC Christian Recorder welcomes letters from its readers on matters of general interest.  Letters must be exclusive to The Christian Recorder and must be signed, including the writer's home address and business telephone number.  No defamatory, libelous or slanderous letters will be printed, and The Christian Recorder reserves the right to reject or edit any letter or article to conform with good taste, style and space requirements.  Although we are unable to acknowledge those letters we cannot publish, we appreciate the interest and value the views of those who take the time to send us their comments.  Letters intended for publication should be addressed to The Christian Recorder/Letters to the Editor.,  500 Eighth Avenue South, Nashville, TN 37203-4181

Letters, comments and articles for publication may be submitted by E-Mail.  The requirements for publication are the same for both the Hard-Copy and On-Line Editions.

All photograph submissions are the property of The Christian Recorder and will not be returned.  

Postmaster, please send address corrections to:   Sunday School Union of A.M.E. Church, 500 8th Avenue South, Nashville, TN 37203-4181